Evolution in Lymphedema Microsurgery
Moderator: Dimitrios Dionysiou

Giuseppe Visconti (Italy): Ultrasound assisted lymphatic tissue transfer for lymphedema treatment
Pedro Ciudad (Peru): Best location to implant LNT in upper & lower limb lymphedema
Efterpi Demiri (Greece): How to select best functioning lymph nodes and avoid donor site lymphedema
Gemma Pons (Spain): Limitations of lymphatic microsurgery. What is the need for the future?
Dung Nguyen (USA): Lymphatic microsurgery and lymphagiogenesis reinforcement with collagen scaffolds implantation


Advances in Hand Surgery 1
Moderator: Nikolaos Zagoreos

Scott Levin (USA): The expanding role of upper extremity microsurgery reconstructive microsurgery
Donald Lalonde (Canada): How WALANT can improve your results in hand surgery
Alexander Payatakes (USA): Current techniques in surgical management of distal radius fractures
David Ruch (USA): Complications in surgical management of distal radius fractures
Anastasios Papadonikolakis (USA): Corrective osteotomy of forearm malunion deformities using 3D printed cutting guides


Innovations in reconstructive microsurgery
Moderator: Nikolaos Papadopulos

Kallirroi Tzafetta (UK): Updates on nerve repairs and transfers in facial palsy
Andreas Kehrer (Germany): The role of ultrasound in reconstructive microsurgery
Ioannis Constantinidis (Cyprus): The use of indocyanine green fluoroscopy in reconstructive microsurgery
Konstantinos Benetatos (Greece): 3D printing in microsurgery


Advances in Hand Surgery 2
Moderator: Anastasios Korobilias

Aurélien Aumar (France): Nerve primary repair: why and how I use the REAXON NERVE guide
Shai Luria (Israel): Smartphone upper extremity pathology
Joris Duerinckx (Belgium): Trapeziometacarpal Total Joint Replacement: why and how? Experience of 700 cases
Nick Darlis (Greece)Demystifying scapholunate instability
Giulio Lauri (Italy)New trends in the treatment of distal radius fractures